Peoples water.
Pittsburgh’s future.

Our great region deserves the best water possible. We’re serving our communities by building Pittsburgh a world-class drinking water system and creating new opportunities for everyone who calls Allegheny County home.

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A new, eco-friendly water system for Allegheny County

Peoples Water will bring clean, safe and affordable drinking water to communities across Allegheny County. We’ll build a state-of-the-art water treatment system that runs entirely on renewable energy. And we’ll form partnerships with regional municipalities and organizations to deliver high-quality water at affordable rates.

  • For our customers: Clean, healthy, affordable drinking water. As good as bottled, right from the tap, and a commitment to keep rates low
  • For our communities: Local investment. Thousands of local jobs, and millions of dollars to boost the Greater Pittsburgh region’s economy.
  • For our environment: A smaller carbon footprint. A regional water treatment system built using green technology and operating entirely on hydroelectric and solar power.
  • For our region: An open door for everyone. Continued public ownership of all pipelines and facilities, supported by strong community partnerships to ensure everyone in Allegheny County benefits from this plan.

Learn how our plan will deliver all this, and more.

Peoples has been delivering gas to customers in this region for more than 130 years. But we’re not just an energy company. We are a committed community partner that supports innovation, safety and our environment. We’ve taken active steps to reduce our carbon footprint every year. We’ve continued to create hundreds of family-sustaining jobs right here in the Greater Pittsburgh region. And we believe in providing new opportunities to everyone who calls this region home.


To all of you, we make this promise: We will put the health and safety of you and your family first. This proposed partnership isn’t just about a water system — it’s about you. We believe the people of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County deserve:

  • Clean, healthy drinking water
  • More job opportunities, training opportunities, green space and customer support programs
  • A large-scale example of renewable energy, one that will help uphold Pittsburgh as a world leader in innovation


You deserve a company that is ready and willing to embrace your input and put your needs first. You deserve a fresh, new vision and a company with the resources to put that vision into action. That company is Peoples Water.


A commitment to Pittsburgh’s future