In a recent Tribune-Review article, Mayor Bill Peduto spoke of the need to invest in Pittsburgh’s water system. PWSA needs more than $2 billion in investments to replace the existing infrastructure. Otherwise, it will fail.


Mayor Peduto is right: The people of Pittsburgh deserve to see what is possible for financing clean, affordable drinking water. Peoples Water can help.


We propose partnering with PWSA to offer the necessary financial support to give Pittsburgh the water system it needs. This partnership plan will allow us to:

Build a state-of-the-art water filtration facility at the lowest possible cost

Provide the cleanest water at the most affordable rates

Keep all existing assets under public ownership


We can’t put billions of dollars of avoidable financial burden on the backs of the people of Pittsburgh, particularly when there is a solution to team with a trusted, long-term Pittsburgh utility partner.


Pittsburgh deserves a water system it can be proud of, one that provides drinking water that ratepayers can consume with peace of mind. By partnering together, PWSA and Peoples can accomplish that at a lower cost than if PWSA continues on its own.


Pittsburgh’s future depends on a reliable, high-quality water system. By working together, Peoples and PWSA can give the region the water it deserves.







Morgan O’Brien

Peoples CEO